Ravenshoe Steam Railway
& Caravan Park

Experience the Nostalgia of Steam Train Travel

Ravenshoe Steam Railway and Caravan Park

Experience the Nostalgia of Steam Train Travel

Ravenshoe Steam Railway & Caravan Park

Welcome to Ravenshoe Steam Railway and Caravan Park.

We are located right in the township of Ravenshoe, at 63 Grigg St.,
opposite the Central Servo.

The caravan park encircles the Ravenshoe Railway station, steam train and yard which gives our guests a nostalgic feeling of being transported back to a bygone era in Queensland’s history.

Nostalgic Ravenshoe

A Town with Altitude

Ravenshoe is a town with plenty of altitude, situated in the Southern region of the Atherton Tablelands, and sits at its highest point.

Nearby is the highest road in Queensland and we have the highest pub ,the Ravenshoe Hotel (formally Hotel Tully Falls) at the top of Grigg St.

The old RosenfeldMeixner Steam Sawmill (chimney still stands) cut the wood to rebuild the House of Commons in London after WWII.

Local Natural Wonders

North Queensland Tablelands

The nearby Tumoulin station at 3165 feet (964 metres),is the highest station in Queensland.

Close-by Millstream Falls is reputedly the widest single-drop falls in Australia.

And.. Ravenshoe is the possum capitol of Australia, boasting 12 different species in the area.

With Ravenshoe as your base, you can venture out across the Tablelands and the West and experience a real variety of climates, ecosystems and natural wonders.

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Ravenshoe's Pioneering History

Ravenshoe Railway Company

In our railway yard sits the mighty steam locomotive,” Capella” and her carriages. She is the only operational steam locomotive of her kind (D17 class) in the world at present.

We have just been accredited to repair our track so that we can pursue the next stage of Accreditation which is to operate rollingstock.

Caravan park

Outback Experience

The Ravenshoe Railway Caravan Park commenced operation as a tourist park in 2012 and is situated at 63 Grigg St, Ravenshoe adjoining the main shopping area of town and you can easily walk to shops and cafes, etc.

It covers an area of 4.9 hectares and physically encircles the heritage Steam Railway station, related railway buildings and tracks.

The main office for the caravan park is located on the original railway station in the old ticket office.